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Christmas in Mlinar


After we created a series of the most fragrant gingerbread in a special package last year, this year we also baked our crispy amoreti, a delicacy known all over the world for its bittersweet taste. Limited edition of heritage biscuits in adorable retro packaging, which you will adore as a decoration, has already left the Šibenik factory, all to enrich your holiday table in time.
Our story begins more than a century ago in Križevci, where Mr. Hinko Schwartz first opened a steam mill and a wooden goods factory and then in 1903 founded the company "Prvi Križevci steam mill and steam mill Hinko Švarc i sinovi", better known today as Mlinar. Gingerbread was one of Mlinar's specialties even then. Rich in smell and taste, today they represent the true spirit of the holiday, ever since they first appeared in monastery kitchens in the 12th century.
The flavors of honey and spices await you in our gingerbreads, while our amorets come in the shape of hearts and are soft, crumbly and melt in your mouth.
Out biscuit packaging is also a decoration that will delight you, especially when you open the windows on it and put lights in it 😊