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Tastes of the world in Mlinar!


Join us on a gastronomic journey around the world with bakery products created according to the world's most famous recipes. Try our delicious salty Bavarian pretzels, rolled burek with fresh cheese and zucchini, an oriental snack in the form of an Asian stick with sweet and sour sauce, and if you are looking for a sweet break in the middle of the day - inspired by a Belgian recipe, we bring you a stick with hazelnuts that you will not be able to resist. If you still need a more specific snack during the day, we suggest a gastronomic getaway to Italy, where we have a recipe for delicious sandwiches with premium mortadella and mozzarella or a panini grill that will delight you with its combination of cheeses. The star of the taste journey is sourdough bread, whose recipe originates from San Francisco, and is characterized by slow cold fermentation for up to 12 hours, and sprouted wheat and oat grains are responsible for that perfect taste. Welcome the sweetest end of the day with babka, a puff pastry with chocolate cream and hazelnut sprinkles, the recipe which comes from Poland. Babka means grandmother in Polish, and everyone loves grandmother's sweets! We are waiting for you in Mlinar, let's go on this exciting journey together!